Author Guide

Author Guide

Having an article published not only feels great and looks good on a résumé, but it also broadens the medical imaging body of knowledge and can improve patient care. Our publications, available to members in both print and online formats, offer opportunities to everyone from seasoned authors to technologists and students curious about writing.

Whether you'd like to write for ASRT's scholarly journals or for the member newsmagazine, the pages in this section will guide you through ethical considerations, permissions, formatting requirements and other helpful information to make sure your submission is complete and correct.

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Using Semicolons

Use a semicolon to:

Join two closely related sentences.

  • The barbecue begins at noon; the pool opens at 2 p.m.

Separate items in a series that contain commas.

  • The board appointed Amy Smith, R.T.(R); James Jones, R.T.(R); and Beth Stephens, R.T.(T).