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Author Guide

Author Guide
Format Requirements

Document Specifications


Format or Style


Times New Roman


16-point font, bold

Heading 1

16-point font, bold, flush left

Heading 2

12-point font, bold, italicized, flush left

Heading 3

12-point font, centered

Body text

12-point font


1 inch on all sides


1.5 spacing

Page Numbers

Bottom center

Paragraph Indent

  • Do not use tabs; use the ruler at the top of the page to indent.
  • Indent first line 0.5 inch
  • Do not double return paragraphs, except before heading for new section


  • Number each reference separately. Do not use autonumbering.
    Insert a tab after each number.
  • Do not use automatic endnotes or footnotes.
  • Superscript in-text citations.
  • To create your reference list, you might try using our AMA reference tools or a citation generator.


Single space after the reference list, flush left

Figure Captions

  • List these in your Word document last.
  • Include complete source information for reprinted artwork
    (eg, the same information that would appear in a reference)

Artwork Requirements

Authors contributing to ASRT publications are welcome to include images using the following guidelines:

  • Do not embed artwork in the body of the manuscript.
  • Include a title for each table and figure (a brief phrase, preferably no longer than 10-15 words) and an explanatory legend as needed.
  • Include separate, individual artwork files in .JPG or .PNG formats.
  • Provide high-resolution images (300 dpi minimum) whenever possible.


We welcome visual elements that complement your column. If you choose to include previously published medical images, graphs, figures, illustrations, charts, or tables, it is your responsibility to request both print and electronic permission from the copyright holder. Although many publishers hold the copyright to a work, they also might require you to obtain the author’s consent before granting permission. Instructions for obtaining permission to reprint published works is usually available on the publisher’s website, and in some cases, a fee may be involved.

Permission To Reprint Work

Use ASRT’s Reprint Release form when requesting permission to reprint published images and other graphics in your article.

View/download Reprint Release Form

Permission To Use Photographs of a Human Subject

Use ASRT’s Model Release form when requesting permission to use a photograph of a human subject.

View/download Model Release Form