Legislation, Regulations and Advocacy

Standards and Regulations
Legislation, Regulations and Advocacy

Federal Activity

Learn about federal bills the ASRT is monitoring and take action.

ASRT Engaging New Technologists

Becoming Better Advocates for the Profession

ASRT’s Government Relations Department is offering this two-part series that will give technologists, who are new to the profession and new to advocacy, the fundamental knowledge and skills to confidently advocate for the profession. Join us on March 25 and April 1 at 6 p.m. MT.

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ASRT Engaging New Technologists

Medicare Recognition of the Radiologist Assistant

Passage of MARCA will ensure that regardless of the setting in which the radiology service is performed; hospital, critical access hospital, ambulatory surgical center or any other facility setting, that services provided by a radiologist assistant, supervised by a radiologist as part of a radiologist-led patient care team receive complete Medicare reimbursement.

Fact Check: Dispelling MARCA and RA Myths


State Laws

Find state licensing information, contacts for state radiation control program offices and states that license or regulate by modality.

States That Regulate

Advocacy Action Center

Learn about state and federal issues effecting R.T.s and communicate with lawmakers and regulatory agencies.

Welcome! Join us in contacting state and federal lawmakers about important legislation that affects the radiologic technology profession and America’s patients. Through collective advocacy efforts, our voices can be heard.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists is a tireless advocate for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals, and we’re dedicated to providing important information about legislation affecting you and your patients.

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