Author Guide

Author Guide
Checklist - Original Research Manuscript

Original research manuscripts explore an area of interest through systematic investigation to expand knowledge within a particular field. These typically involve surveys, pilot studies or other research methods to garner new information assessed through in-depth statistical analysis.

This checklist is for personal use only. Your changes will not be retained or included with your submission, but you may print a copy for your records.

Original Research Rating Questions Yes No N/A
Appropriate for the scope of the Journal
Manuscript validates the body of knowledge
Manuscript adds to the body of knowledge
Clearly states purpose of the article
Concisely summarizes the research study
Contains a summary of the study’s purpose, methods, results, discussion and conclusion
Introduction/Literature Review:
Introduction clearly describes the purpose and research questions/hypotheses
Introduction states the problem or need
Introduction presents relevance to practice
Introduction presents relevant background material
Literature review incorporates a thorough review of previously published work
Literature review covers the rationale for including/excluding articles
Literature review provides a critical assessment of the literature including content strengths and limitations in an unbiased manner
Literature review provides definitions
Literature review states assumptions
Methods/ Key Procedure:
Identifies the research design
Uses an appropriate research design
Includes information regarding IRB approval or exemption
Defines the population of the study
Describes the sampling process
Uses an appropriate sample size
Describes data collection process, including instrumentation
Describes data collection validity and reliability
Describes data analysis process
Describes appropriateness of data analysis procedures
Reports results related to each research question or hypothesis
Reports results using appropriate language and format
Demonstrates objectivity in reporting results
Interprets results of the study
Integrates findings with previously published work to support conclusions
Addresses implications of the results for evidence-based practice
Identifies limitations of the study
Suggests direction for future research
Conclusions are supported by the findings of the study
Figures and Tables:
Includes figures and tables of sufficient quality
Includes a sufficient number of figures and illustrations
Manuscript is organized and has logical flow
Manuscript uses appropriate and current terminology
Manuscript uses appropriate headings
Manuscript is free of redundancy
Manuscript follows AMA writing guidelines
Manuscript adheres to the proper mechanics of writing
Are timely or historically significant
Appropriately support the material presented
Are sufficient
Are correctly cited in the text and reference list