Author Guide

Author Guide
Write a Peer-reviewed Article

Peer-reviewed articles reflect scholarly research that builds on the body of academic literature serving the profession. Only original work is accepted and should not be under consideration by other publishers at the time of submission. To be accepted for publication, these articles are evaluated by at least two members of the journal’s Editorial Review Board.  

Peer-reviewed articles published in the ASRT journals fall into three categories:

Original Research

Explores an area of interest through systematic investigation to expand knowledge within a particular field. Typically involves surveys, pilot studies or other research methods to garner new information assessed through in-depth statistical analysis.

View an original research sample article.

View the original research manuscript checklist.

Systematic Review

Analyzes previously published material on a specific topic, summarizes the research and draws original or unique conclusions. Does not report new or original experimental work.

View a systematic review sample article.

View the systematic review manuscript checklist.

Case Study

Provides a detailed overview of specific best practices, diseases, technologies or patient populations.

View a case study sample article.

View the case study manuscript checklist.

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Peer-review Process

Reviews are double blind, meaning that Editorial Review Board members do not know the names of the authors, nor do authors know who is reviewing their manuscript. The peer-review process takes about eight weeks and consists of the following steps.

  1. The manuscript is sent to the Editorial Review Board chairman.
  2. The chairman assigns the manuscript to at least two Editorial Review Board members for review.
  3. Reviewers evaluate the manuscript using a standardized checklist.
  4. Reviewers recommend that the manuscript be accepted for publication, returned to the author for revisions or rejected.
  5. The chairman makes a decision (accept, revise or reject) based on reviewer feedback and notifies the author.

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