Author Guide

Author Guide
Checklist - Literature Review Manuscript

Literature reviews analyze previously published material on a specific topic, summarize the research and draw original or unique conclusions. They do not report new or original experimental work.

This checklist is for personal use only. Your changes will not be retained or included with your submission, but you may print a copy for your records.

Literature Review Rating Questions Yes No N/A
Appropriate for the scope of the Journal
Manuscript validates the body of knowledge
Manuscript has sufficient depth to add to the body of knowledge
Presents research question(s)
Manuscript builds on prior research
Clearly states purpose of the article
Concisely summarizes the literature review
Contains a summary of the study’s purpose, methods, results, discussion and conclusion
Clearly describes the purpose of the manuscript
States the problem or need
Presents relevance to practice
Presents relevant background material
Review of Literature:
Incorporates previously published work to address key points of the manuscript
Provides an historical perspective of the topic
Includes key aspects of the topic
Provides definitions
States assumptions
Discusses literature search strategies including databases used and MeSH terms
Includes rationale for inclusion and exclusion criteria
Includes level of detail required to replicate study
The discussion incorporates previously published work to support conclusions
The discussion presents content strengths and limitations in an unbiased manner
The discussion provides a thorough analysis of the literature
The discussion addresses implications of the results for evidence-based practice
The conclusions are supported by information presented in the manuscript
Figures and Tables:
Includes figures and tables of sufficient quality
Includes a sufficient number of figures and illustrations
Manuscript is organized and has logical flow
Manuscript uses appropriate and current terminology
Manuscript uses appropriate headings
Manuscript is free of redundancy
Manuscript follows AMA writing guidelines
Manuscript adheres to the proper mechanics of writing
Are timely or historically significant
Appropriately support the material presented
Are sufficient
Are correctly cited in the text and reference list