Author Guide

Author Guide
Manuscript Types

ASRT publications include two scholarly journals.

Interested in writing for the ASRT? On this page you will learn about the types of manuscripts accepted for publication.


A column is evaluated by ASRT staff (i.e., no peer review) and addresses a particular topic in a less formal format. Columns can include anything from opinion pieces to a technique used in a particular hospital.

View/download a table of column types.

Original Research

A peer-reviewed article that explores an area of interest through systematic investigation to expand knowledge within a particular field. This type typically involves surveys, pilot studies, or other methods to gather new information assessed through in-depth statistical analysis.

View/download a sample of an original research article.

Literature Review

A peer-reviewed article that assesses current knowledge of a particular topic using secondary sources. Although new conclusions can be made, this type should not report new or original experimental work.

View/download a sample of a literature review.

Case Report

A peer-reviewed article that presents an unusual or challenging patient case or imaging assignment and provides an overview of the disease, imaging technologies employed, diagnosis, and best practices.

View/download a sample of a case report.

Book Review

These are typically assigned by ASRT staff, but we welcome unsolicited book reviews on relevant texts. The book review evaluates new publications helpful to members of the profession.

Letter to the Editor

ASRT welcomes feedback from readers and often publishes letters in the printed journals.

Directed Reading

These review articles are typically assigned by ASRT staff. Directed Readings are written about assorted topics and provide continuing education content.

For more information, contact ASRT Director of Professional Development Ellen Lipman . You may also want to review the Contract Writers Guide.

View/download a sample Directed Reading.