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Author Guide
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  • DR Supplement Winter 2024
    DR Supplement Winter 2024

Directed Readings are educational articles specifically written for ASRT members looking to fulfill continuing education (CE) requirements, including biennial CE requirements, Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR) and structured education requirements. Covered areas of interest include radiography, mammography, radiation therapy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and many others.

Every two months, two Directed Readings are published online in the CE Library, which is accessible to all ASRT members. And every six months, six of the latest Directed Readings are printed in a Directed Reading Supplement, which is mailed out to all ASRT members who opt-in.

For each Directed Reading, we contract with the author for a 5,500+ word manuscript, fully referenced in AMA style and delivered within 12 weeks of the contract start date. Authors are paid upon submission, initial review and acceptance of the manuscript. Directed Readings are generally published online within one to two years of manuscript submission.

Important note: Directed Readings are now published as featured standalone education in the DR Supplement and are available online in the CE Library and ASRT Store. ASRT contracted Directed Readings and other CE articles are not published in ASRT’s scholarly journals or PubMed indexed.

Getting Started

Interested in writing a Directed Reading? Check out our all-new Directed Reading Author Guide.

Please direct any additional questions to Jennifer Franco, continuing education editor, at

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