Minimum Expectation for Appointees

The work of ASRT and ASRT Foundation volunteer groups is essential to ASRT’s and the ASRT Foundation’s ability to provide excellent service to members and ensure positions, documents and operating procedures accurately represent the diverse practice of medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals. Appointments to ASRT and ASRT Foundation volunteer groups are made with an effort to represent the diversity of practice and require active participation by all appointees.

The following are minimum expectations for appointees to ASRT and ASRT Foundation volunteer groups. Failure to meet the minimum expectations can result in an appointee being removed from a volunteer group for dereliction of duty:

  1. Complete acceptance forms and documents within the requested timeframe.
  2. Complete ASRT or ASRT Foundation provided orientation to the appointed volunteer group(s).
  3. Attend and actively participate in a majority of all scheduled meetings of the appointed volunteer group.
  4. Respond to correspondence from ASRT staff and appointed volunteer group leadership in a timely manner.
  5. Complete assigned work within the requested timeframe.