Research Reports


Read the results of ASRT studies and surveys about workplace trends, professional development, educational program statistics and other issues that affect R.T.s.


Regularly Recurring Surveys

Wage and Salary Survey

The Wage and Salary Survey examines technologist wages by discipline, job title, experience, location and other factors. The Wage and Salary Survey is also the basis for the ASRT Salary Estimator.

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Staffing Survey

The Staffing Survey examines the operations of departments in terms of budget, staffing levels, equipment, number of patients and current vacancies.

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Enrollment Snapshots

The Enrollment Snapshot examines year-to-year entering class enrollment statistics as well as longitudinal trends in the number of students and other matters relevant to educators in the radiologic sciences.

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One-time Surveys

Student Diversity in Educational Programs and Institutions

The 2022 Enrollment Snapshot included questions about student diversity as part of a presidential initiatives developed by Daniel Gonzales, MSRS, R.T. (R), FASRT. This report summarizes those results and provides several best practices to support recruitment and diversity efforts in educational programs.

Special Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Education

The 2020, 2021 and 2022 Enrollment Snapshots included questions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical education. This report summarizes the responses to the questions asked in each survey.

2019 Artificial Intelligence Survey

The 2019 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Survey was conducted to assess how radiologic technologists and radiation therapists are using AI and to assess their perception of the future implications to practice as AI becomes more broadly employed. The results were used to prepare the white paper, The Artificial Intelligence Era: The Role of Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Therapists.

Clinical Educator Survey

The Clinical Educator Survey asked questions about the role of clinical educators in creating a valuable educational experience, as well as the most important qualities for effective clinical educators to have.

Computed Tomography Educational Needs Assessment

The Computed Tomography Educational Needs Assessment examined many aspects of CT technologists’ work environment, educational preparation and continuing education needs.

Faculty Development Needs Assessment

The Faculty Development Needs Assessment examined a wide variety of topics relating to educators, including educational best practices, changing instructional technology and educator demographics.

Forensic Radiography Survey

The Forensic Radiography Survey asked questions about the use of medical imaging in the context of forensics.

Radiation Therapy, Management and Dosimetry Workplace Survey

The Radiation Therapy, Management and Dosimetry Workplace Survey examined daily practice, clinical skill and the impact of emerging technologies in a radiation therapy setting.

Generational Differences in Volunteering

Generational Differences in Volunteering asked questions about prior volunteering experience, motivating volunteers in the future and the extent to which ASRT effectively meets their volunteer needs.

Radiation Protection Survey

The Radiation Protection Survey examined licensure standards and respondents' knowledge of a broad array of radiation protection and safety practices.

Radiologist Assistant Practice Survey

The Radiologist Assistant Practice Survey asked respondents about their scope of practice and the reporting and quality standards they use.

Management Chapter Survey

The Management Chapter Survey asked respondents about their level of education and experience, the scope and frequency of the managerial duties they perform, and the size and budget of their facility.

Workplace Safety Issues

The Workplace Safety Issues Survey examines what occupational safety programs have been implemented at facilities.

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 Salary Estimator

This salary estimator uses data from the 2022 ASRT Wage and Salary Survey to predict salaries for radiologic technologists.