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ASRT periodically produces white papers on specific topics, in addition to the large volume of research conducted each year. Each white paper is the product of a task force put together by ASRT to examine a new or emerging trend in medical imaging or radiation therapy.




What is a White Paper?

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In addition to the large volume of research ASRT conducts each year, we periodically produce white papers on specific topics. Although there is no universally accepted definition of a white paper in medical imaging and radiation therapy, businesses sometimes produce white papers as a marketing tool and government agencies use them to explain policy decisions. However, the most-powerful white papers are created to examine a new emerging trend, help the reader to solve a problem and examine best practices. This is the purpose of white papers at ASRT.

Each ASRT white paper is the product of a task force that examines a new or emerging trend in the radiologic sciences. The members of the task force volunteer their time to research the topic, formulate a potential course of action and provide resources for further study. The purpose of ASRT's white papers is to define a specific problem and:

  • Provide background information.
  • Perform preliminary research.
  • Identify best practices.
  • Assist the reader in solving a problem or making a decision.

It is important to note that a white paper does not:

  • Replace ASRT Practice Standards for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy.
  • Serve as a substitute for institutional policies.
  • Provide the only solution to a problem.
  • Supersede state or federal regulations.

The white papers are available to the radiologic technology community at no charge. In addition, organizations may link to the white papers on their websites. However, ASRT asks that radiologic technologists, educational institutions and other organizations refrain from otherwise sharing the white papers because we periodically update the materials. To request reprint permissions, contact

ASRT reviews its white papers every five years to determine if the content is still relevant to the radiologic technology community. If the content is not relevant, the white paper is labeled as "Historical," but still available for references purposes.

Our hope is that these white papers inspire curiosity, discussion and solutions, and that the content found in these documents is a useful starting point to enhance the quality of safety of patient care.

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