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Radiography Positioning Guide

Exam-Specific Radiography Positioning Guide

This version of the Radiography Positioning Guide is designed specifically for educators. The content is divided into 64 10- to 30-minute modules that cover patient care, examination prep, positioning, technical factors, anatomy of interest and image quality criteria. All examinations are demonstrated in images featuring real equipment in real clinical environments.

Present this series to your students by uploading the modules to a learning management system or displaying them on a computer with any popular Web browser.

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 Breast Imaging Essentials

This series covers the fundamentals of mammography, breast imaging equipment and techniques for insuring image quality. Breast anatomy and pathologies are also discussed along with strategies for communicating with patients.

$1,400 $2,000
 Bone Densitometry Basics

Introduce your students to bone densitometry with this comprehensive educational series. Everything from the fundamentals to the step-by-step process of each scan and procedure is explained.

$1,400 $2,000
CT Basics

This series details the fundamentals of computed tomography in a complete and easy-to-follow format.

$1,700 $2,400
CT Basics: Radiation Therapy Series


$900 $1,200
CT Basics: The Nuclear Medicine Series


$900 $1,200
MR Basics

This series details the fundamentals of MR in a complete and easy-to-follow format and covers topics found in the ASRT MR curriculum.

$1,700 $2,400
Essentials of Digital Imaging

This series explains the fundamental aspects of digital imaging and how technology has advanced medical imaging. Modules cover processing, display, image analysis, PACS, dose reduction, patient safety and quality.

$900 $1,200
Vascular-Interventional Essentials

Prepare your students for the fast-paced world of interventional radiology. Equipment, patient care, and pharmacology modules cover the fundamentals. The following modules fill in the gaps with detailed procedural breakdowns organized by body system. The procedural modules include anatomy on both radiographs and digital subtraction angiographs, as well as indications, contraindications, and complications for the listed procedures. These advanced modules include dialysis management as well as neurological, thoracic, and abdominal procedures. 

$1,800 $2,500
Sectional Anatomy Essentials

This series can enhance your teaching library with nine interactive online modules that cover the location and function of major anatomical structures in the human body. 

$1,300 $1,800
Clinical Instructor Academy Complete Series

This video series develops the supervisory and interpersonal skills essential in any clinical leadership position.

$825 $1,100
EZ Compliance

This 35-module series is ideal to familiarize students with various accreditation standards and state requirements. Topics include hand hygiene, patient communication, safe CT, MR and Fluoroscopy practices, and more.           

$2,500 $3,000
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations: The Series

This convenient teaching resource describes how to care for patients of all ages, with a variety of physical characteristics and from different cultures.           

$1,400 $2,000
Safety Essentials Series

The series covers patient fall prevention, medication safety, risk management, infection control and more. These 10 modules are the perfect supplement to every student’s orientation.

Topics focus on patient care and prevention of medical errors as outlined in The Joint Commission performance requirements. 

$1,400 $2,000
Leadership Essentials

This series explains the skills needed for success in any health care leadership position with an easy-to-follow interactive educational program. 

$1,400 $2,000
Radiography Simulators Powered by Ziltron

These 30 online simulators teach anatomy, collimation and positioning. They also demonstrate clinical procedures, evaluate knowledge and challenge students with instant feedback. Price is for a one-year subscription.

$39.95 per student $69.95 per student
Proton Therapy

The set of two modules details proton physics concepts, patient care concerns and the unique nature of proton therapy treatment planning.

$280 $400
Image-guided Radiation Therapy

These eight PDF articles cover the sophisticated technologies associated with IGRT. The series is designed for radiation therapy or medical dosimetry students seeking to learn more about IGRT options, as well as the benefits and limitations of each technology in imaging, planning and treatment.

$700 $900
Radiation Protection in Medical Imaging

This 48-minute video reviews basic radiation principles. It is designed for educators or managers to teach students or ancillary staff about safety to avoid possible short- and long-term effects of occupational radiation exposure. 

$150 $200

This series in PDF format covers radiation protection and safety, operation and safety of fixed units, regulation and protection, mobile unit operation, radiation protection of the eye, and image quality and analysis.

$500 $625
Finding a New Groove: Positioning for Digital Mammography

This video explains effective positioning techniques for digital mammography and addresses ways to overcome its challenges in an award-winning presentation.

$150 $200
Research and Writing Essentials

This series will help students take their writing to the next level.

$900 $1,200
Human Skeletal Anatomy

Designed for students, this series is perfect for those who are just getting started in the radiologic sciences. The modules introduce students to the basic concepts of the structures of the human body as they relate to radiography.

$150 $200
Successful Study Strategies

This course offers tips for students studying for their primary and postprimary national certification exams.

$150 $200

CE Credit Courses Credits Member Nonmember
The Art of Writing Test Questions

This module will help instructors reduce the intimidation factor in writing test questions by learning a systematic approach to developing quality assessments that accurately measure a learner’s knowledge.

1 Cat. A+ credit $15 $20