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Radiography Simulators

Institutional Version

Bridge classroom learning and clinical experience anytime, anywhere.

Create a motivational learning environment in the classroom with 30 interactive simulators that allow students to review anatomy and practice collimation and positioning. The simulators also demonstrate clinical procedures, evaluate knowledge and competency, and provide students with instant feedback. Challenge students to connect the dots between what they're learning in the classroom and what they'll encounter in a real-life clinical experience.

The radiography simulators were created and developed by Ziltron, an educational software company based in Ireland. ASRT has partnered with Ziltron to offer the simulators in the ASRT Store.

Simulator Demos

Collimation and Centering


Radiographic Anatomy

Surface Anatomy

Cross-Sectional Anatomy

Is This the Right Version for You?

The Annual Educator Access per Student version of the Radiography Simulators includes unlimited online access to the simulators for one year per student. We also offer a version for students who would like to purchase access to the Radiography Simulators on their own.

Radiography Simulators -Institutional Version

Radiography Simulators - Annual Educator Access

(Price is per student. Subscription is valid for one year from date of purchase.)


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Phone - 800-444-2778 Ext 1083

Each purchase allows one-year access to all 30 simulators per student. Nineteen simulators demonstrate radiographic, cross-sectional and surface anatomy from facial bones to limbs. Five simulators evaluate collimation and centering skills. Six simulators check for accurate positioning techniques.

The educator version includes unlimited online access to the simulators for one year per student and the Ziltron Director for free. Ziltron Director allows educators to create assignments and monitor student progress with a real-time scorekeeper that tracks performance on test sets.

The newest version of the Ziltron Director offers easier navigation, a program dashboard, a user group area with detailed student user information, a new online help guide and more.