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Boost student success with ASRT membership for your entire class. Student group membership is the easy and convenient way to ensure your students are supported in the classroom, ready for clinicals and prepared for the certification exam. A one-year student membership is only $35 per student.

Simple to Set Up and Manage

Convenient Billing

Get one invoice to easily set up your student group each year.

One Point of Contact

Personalized service from our Group Member Coordinator for ease and convenience.

Group Promotions

Drawings and special offers just for educational institutions with a student group.

Benefits for Students

  • Student Exam Assessment Library

    Get Set for the Certification Exam

    Five 100-question Radiography and Radiation Therapy SEAL® practice exams.

  • ASRT Roadmaps to Your Future

    Follow the Road to Success

    Review materials, study resources and valuable advice to prepare for the ARRT certification exam in the Radiography and Radiation Therapy Roadmaps®.

  • Reinforce Your Knowledge

    Study modules in anatomy, radiation biology, radiation physics, lymphatics, test taking improvement methods and more.

Options for Starting a Student Group

More than 100 schools have implemented their group programs by:

  • Including dues in fees or tuition.
  • Collecting dues from all students and sending one payment to ASRT.
  • Requiring students to pay ASRT directly.

Easily Enroll Your Students

  1. Download and complete the student group contact form.
  2. Have your students fill out the student group membership application.
  3. Submit all documents to:

    Email: [email protected]

    Fax:  505-298-5063

    Mail: ASRT Member Services, 15000 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123-3909

One of my students was struggling to prepare for the registry and I was worried about her ability to pass the exam. I suggested ASRT membership and its student resources to help her get ready. After becoming a member and using the study tools, she passed on her first attempt! I really do feel that ASRT membership is a benefit to my students.

Amanda Feeney, R.T.(R), Radiography Program Director, Blessing Hospital School of Radiologic Technology, Illinois

Specialized Benefits Your Students Will Get Only From Their Professional Association

  • Member Service

    Apply for scholarships and grants to help support your education.

  • ASRT Communities

    ASRT Communities

    Make connections and share resources in ASRT Communities.

  • Career Planning

    Career Center

    Find a new job and compare salaries in the Career Center.

  • ASRT Member Perks

    Member Perks

    Exclusive discounts on everyday purchases with Member Perks.

  • Advocacy

    Dedicated advocacy to protect your patients and profession.

  • ASRT Print Publications

    ASRT Publications

    The latest research and member news with ASRT publications.

  • EZ Compliance

    EZ Compliance

    Prepare for the clinical environment with 30+ EZ Compliance modules.

  • Member Service

    Specialists available to answer your career and membership questions.


$75 Five 100-question practice exams with the Student Exam Assessment Library.
$225 Interactive study tools, including modules in anatomy, radiation biology and physics.
$85 Digital subscriptions to Radiologic Technology and ASRT Scanner.
$250 Compliance Suite modules to familiarize yourself with clinical accreditation standards and requirements.
$100 Career-building tools, including ASRT JobBank®, Salary Estimator and résumé and interview tips.
Membership Value

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Connect with our Group Membership Coordinator


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7 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mountain time, Monday-Friday

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