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  • Radiation Oncology: Overview of Staging and Terminology (18 minutes)
    Expand your understanding of staging and terminology used in radiation oncology.
  • Radiation Biology (20 minutes)
    Expand your knowledge with this overview of the effects of radiation on living systems.
  • Automatic Exposure Controls  (9 minutes)
    Examine the advantages and challenges involved in using AEC devices.
  • Anatomy Resources 
    Learn about body planes, the human skeleton and radiography procedures through interactive exercises.
  • Physics and Radiation Therapy Physics
    Explore the physics behind radiography and radiation therapy with interactive modules.
  • Lymphatics
    Get a closer look at the lymphatics system, its processes and its importance to radiation therapy.
  • Research
    Review research essentials, including finding valid sources, significance testing and understanding variables.
  • Distance Learning Strategies (60 minutes)
    This module will help inform important decisions about your education, and prepare you to make the most of distance learning.
    Additional materials included: Transcript, Quick Tips.