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CT Basics - The Nuclear Medicine Series


Colorful images and engaging animations cover all the computed tomography content in the SNMMI curriculum in an easy-to-follow format. This six-module package will help your students and staff members prepare for CT questions on the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board exam as well as gain the practical knowledge they need to achieve their professional goals.

CT Basics: The Nuclear Medicine Series comes in a double-CD package and includes a license for unlimited use. You also will receive a bonus test bank of 125 questions and an image library for free. 

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CT Basics: Nuclear Medicine Series

Included Modules

Module 1N — Fundamentals

Covers the basic principles of operation including the history of CT and the design elements of modern CT scanners.

Module 2N — Equipment and Instrumentation

Explores the mechanisms of the CT apparatus and explains how the operator can affect the quality of each image.

Module 3N — Image Processing and Reconstruction

Focuses on the tools and applications needed for viewing, specialized scanning and archiving CT data.

Module 4N — Patient Safety

Demonstrates the methods used to measure patient dose, increase patient safety and reduce occupational exposure in CT.

Module 5N — Image Quality

Illustrates how image quality is a balance between selectable factors and radiation dose to the patient and explains how to perform and evaluate quality control procedures for CT systems.

Module 6N — PET-CT Essentials

Examines the history, components and scientific principles of positron emission tomography and explains how PET-CT is used effectively to detect cancer and other diseases.

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CT Basics Nuclear Medicine — Quality Training Solutions

Free With Purchase

Image Library for Nuclear Medicine Series

Access hundreds of images, including photographs and illustrations from the CT Basics Nuclear Medicine Series.

Test Bank for Nuclear Medicine

Receive approximately 125 questions that cover all five modules and help your students or staff prepare for the CT content on the NMTCB certification exam.