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Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Bylaws are rules adopted and maintained by an association or society that define and direct its internal structure and management. They are subordinate, and complementary, to an association's articles of incorporation.

Articles of incorporation are the primary law of an association used to establish the general organization and governing of the association to achieve corporate existence.

Bylaws are the secondary law of an association best used to detail how the society is formed and run.

In most states, bylaws are not specifically required for an incorporated or unincorporated association. However, ASRT's state of incorporation, Illinois, requires them. Even where legally optional, most associations elect to have a set of bylaws because of their usefulness in management operations.

The ASRT reviews its bylaws on a continuous basis to keep them current and relevant. Members should familiarize themselves with the document to better understand the organization they represent and that represents them.