ASRT Affiliate Development Program

Applications Now Closed.

What is the Affiliate Development Program?

The Affiliate Development Program provides affiliates with an opportunity to work with ASRT to become stronger organizations and meet the needs of their members. Each ASRT affiliate may apply to participate in the program every year. Approximately 10 affiliates will be selected to participate in the program each ASRT fiscal year.

What is the duration of the Affiliate Development Program?

The duration of the program is one year and aligns with ASRT’s fiscal year, Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.

What is the program designed to do?

The program is designed to provide ASRT affiliates with customized support to strengthen the affiliate by providing guidance on important issues like recruitment, retention and infrastructure reinforcement.

What types of assistance can the ASRT provide through the program?

Participants will focus their efforts on recruitment, retention and infrastructure assistance. Within the initiative, affiliates can select a maximum of five areas of assistance from those listed below:

  • Initial use of an email blast service.
  • Advertising on social media and other digital platforms.
  • Member and volunteer recruitment drive email blasts.
  • Access to ASRT’s Marketing and PR Toolkit and Social Media Guidebook.
  • Software recommendations.
  • Assistance with hardware and software purchasing.
  • Board training and Leadership Academy self-study.
  • Member needs survey.
  • Parliamentarian review.
  • Initial use of web-conferencing service with recording capabilities.
  • Initial use of a membership management solution software and service.
  • Creating or updating a website.

What is considered out of scope for this program?

Funding for lobbyist expenses, travel expenses, postage, copying and printing expenses, conference registrations, board retreats, individual stipends, video or commercial development, staffing or management company expenses, tax liability or legal expenses, food, gifts, and prizes. Requests for funding must support sustainable strategic projects and exclusions are not limited to those listed in this statement. Funding requests are subject to review by ASRT staff before final approval is granted.

What if our affiliate needs advocacy assistance?

Advocacy assistance is available to every ASRT affiliate. If your affiliate needs advocacy assistance, please contact the ASRT Government Relations department at to discuss whether ASRT can assist with your needs.

Why should affiliates participate in the program?

ASRT is committed to developing strong affiliates and provides a process for continuous improvement. This program helps affiliate leaders identify issues, develop and execute plans to address those issues, and establish mechanisms for measuring their success. This program is facilitated by ASRT staff and focuses on optimizing the affiliate's resources in a way that builds an aligned, engaged and diverse affiliate membership.

What are the expectations and responsibilities for participation in the program?

Affiliate leaders will be asked to participate in a survey and sign an agreement to participate in the program. To remain active in the program, participants must remain in communication with ASRT staff and work within the scope of the program.

What does the affiliate need to do to apply for the program?

To apply for the program, affiliates should first review the application, policy and terms of agreement. The ASRT strongly recommends that affiliate leaders discuss why they want to participate in the program before submitting an application. To complete the application process, the president or designee should access the form and fill it out completely. Please note that the application must be completed by the current affiliate president or designee. The duration of the program aligns with the ASRT fiscal year, Oct. 1 through Sept 30. Affiliates must submit a new application for each fiscal year they would like to participate.

What is an overview of the process for an affiliate to receive this assistance*?

  1. An affiliate recognizes that they need assistance.
  2. The affiliate President completes the online application found online, when the application period is open, at ASRT Affiliate Development Program.
  3. ASRT receives and reviews the application.
  4. ASRT selects participants.
  5. ASRT emails selected participants of acceptance into the program.
  6. ASRT presents each participating affiliate with a proposed Action Plan that aligns with the original application for approval. Affiliates are welcome to propose changes to the Action Plan providing it aligns with the original application.
  7. Once ASRT receives the Action Plan approval, ASRT emails participants with a personalized Agreement Addendum.
  8. Affiliate leaders review the Agreement Addendum.
  9. The affiliate President signs and returns the Agreement Addendum to the ASRT.
  10. ASRT reviews the Agreement Addendum for completeness.
  11. If the Agreement Addendum is complete and the affiliate has submitted the financial request form, the ASRT issues funds to the affiliate.
  12. Affiliate provides the ASRT with progress updates regarding the action plan.

* Each step must be successfully completed to receive assistance.

What if an affiliate applies, is accepted, and does not complete each remaining step of the process?

After a reasonable attempt to communicate with the affiliate President, if the remaining steps are not completed by the deadline set by ASRT staff, the affiliate will be removed from participating in the program for that term. The affiliate is eligible to apply during future application cycles.