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In response to our members' increasingly complex CE needs, ASRT is changing how we deliver your continuing education.

This change will ensure that you can meet your unique CE needs, no matter what state and certification requirements you face in the future.

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Colorful Icon OneWhat's Changing?

Effective Feb. 8, 2022

Starting Feb. 8, 2022, all members will be able to access their CE credits through our online CE Library, filled with a diverse selection of 450+ Directed Readings, articles, and webcasts. From this point forward, all new Directed Readings will be published exclusively in our online CE Library and will no longer appear in the ASRT’s scientific journals.

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To ensure that members get the most benefit from this wide selection of content, the number of credits included with membership each year will increase from 16 to 17 CE credits.

Coming Early 2022

Members will get free access to our new Computed Tomography SEAL exams, including five 100-question practice tests for members preparing for the ARRT or NMTCB CT certification exams.

Members will enjoy increased savings when choosing a multi-year membership. This is a convenient option to instantly access more CE credits at the beginning of the membership term at a greater value.

1-Year Membership


2-Year Membership


10% Savings

3-Year Membership


15% Savings

Colorful Icon ThreeHow Will ASRT's CE Plan Work?

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You’ll gain access to a bank of 17 CE credits each membership year, 20 credits with the Premium Membership option. Any CE credits that you do not use by the end of your membership year automatically roll over to the next membership year if you maintain continuous membership.

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Redeem your credits in our online CE Library of more than 450 courses, or to sign up for our monthly ASRT Live® webcasts.

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Choose articles and webcasts based on topics, including radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, mammography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, radiation safety, patient care and many more.

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After completing the content, take an online quiz to immediately earn CE credits which are automatically tracked and reported to the ARRT, NMTCB, MDCB and ARDMS.

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Credits are deducted from your bank as you earn CE.

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Colorful Icon ThreeWhat This Means for You

  • The credit value of the Directed Readings in your account will roll into your new bank of CE credits.
  • You’ll gain access to 17 additional CE credits each membership year. If the transition to the new CE model takes place outside your normal renewal cycle, the number of additional credits added to your account is prorated for each month remaining in your current membership year.
  • All our CE courses can be accessed through your online CE Library. This includes all the Directed Readings that were previously available in your account.
  • You will be able to access new articles as soon as they are published, without waiting for the journals to arrive.

Preview Your New CE Library

Click the ‘Show Flex DRs’ button to see a complete list of courses.

  • You will now gain 17 CE credits each membership year instead of 16.
  • Nothing will change with how you access online courses and earn CE credits.
  • There will be no change to how your online CE Library looks or operates.

How to Navigate the CE Library

Colorful Icon ThreeWhat This Means for Your ASRT Journals

  • ASRT will continue to publish, print and mail the ASRT journals, Radiologic Technology and Radiation Therapist.
  • Starting with the 2022 March/April Radiologic Technology issue and the Spring Radiation Therapist issue, new Directed Readings and quizzes will be published exclusively in our online CE Library.
  • The journals will continue to publish peer-reviewed articles, short reports and the latest case studies.
Radiologic Technology and Radiation Therapy Journal

We understand this upgrade will affect how many members are accustomed to earning CE credit — and we are here to help you make the transition! We have created several resources to help you acquaint yourself with your new CE plan, and of course, you are welcome to contact Member Services if you have any questions or concerns.

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FAQ Taking DRs out of the Journal

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