Physics and Radiation Therapy Physics

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Physics Modules

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Learn more about the physics behind radiography and radiation therapy with these interactive modules. 

  • Physics: X-ray Formation (6 minutes)
  • Physics: X-ray Emission Spectrum (2 minutes)

Radiation Therapy Physics Modules

  • Radiation Therapy Physics: Module One (15 minutes)
    Introduction to Physics: A basic physics introduction to common terms, concepts and equations.
  • Radiation Therapy Physics: Module Two - Part I (14 minutes)
    Linear Accelerator Overview: An overview of the components that make up linear accelerators and beam production.
  • Radiation Therapy Physics: Module Two - Part II (16 minutes)
    Linear Accelerator Overview: A closer look at electron and photon beam pathways within the linear accelerator.
  • Radiation Therapy Physics: Module Three (16 minutes)
    Shielding Requirements for Radiation Therapy Vaults: Vault shielding materials, calculations and designs, plus information on requirements for different treatments.
  • Radiation Therapy Physics: Module Four (16 minutes)
    Equation Practice GD = TD/PDD x100: A brief overview and step-by-step practice for the GD = (TD/PDD) x 100 equation.