ASRT Membership
CE Track and Transfer

Easily Renew Your License and Registration

ASRT membership simplifies the process of reporting your continuing education credits. Each time you earn CE credit by successfully passing a quiz from an ASRT article, webcast or product, we’ll add the credits to your CE record.

Next, we'll transfer the earned CE credits, making it easy to renew your license and registration online. Credit transfers include the ARRT, ARDMS, MDCB and/or NMTCB. If your member profile reflects a license or residence in the state of Florida, we'll also transfer your credits to the Florida Department of Health.

Track and Transfer

Credit Tracking

Credits earned by completing ASRT CE quizzes are automatically tracked in your CE record when you pass the quiz. If you’ve earned additional credits through conferences, professional events or other CE providers, we can evaluate and track those too!

Credit Transfer 

We'll automatically transfer a record of the earned CE credits for members with registry and licensure information in their member profile

For additional information about the track and transfer process, view our Continuing Education FAQ.