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Active Military

Active Military Member Category

Radiologic technologists registered or certified in a primary modality by certification agencies recognized by the ASRT and are actively serving in the United States Armed Forces may qualify for Active Military membership. They have all rights, privileges and obligations of Active members.

Verification of active-duty status through the Service Member Civil Relief Act website is required.

1-Year Membership

17 CE Credits

$40 Savings

Why Join as an Active Military Member?

  • Continuing Education Library

    Continuing Education

    • Access a bank of 17 CE credits each membership year.
    • Redeem your credits in our online CE Library of more than 600 courses, including more than 90 A+ courses.
    • Choose topics in radiography, CT, MR, mammography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, patient care and more.

    Earn CE to fulfill biennium, state license and Continuing Qualifications Requirements.

  • ASRT Track & Transfer


    • Save all your CE activity securely in one place.
    • Your CE record is automatically transferred to the ARRT, NMTCB, MDCB and ARDMS.
    • Florida license holders: Credits are also transferred to the Florida Department of Health.
  • Elevating Your Profession

    Together with more than 156,000 members, we work with state and federal legislatures to advance your profession and the care and safety of your patients.

Specialized Benefits You'll Only Get from Your Professional Association

  • ASRT Roadmaps to Your Future


    Roadmaps to guide you through earning additional certifications.

  • ASRT Communities

    ASRT Communities

    Make connections and share resources in ASRT Communities.

  • Career Planning

    Career Center

    Find a new job and compare salaries in the Career Center.

  • ASRT Member Perks

    Member Perks

    Exclusive discounts on everyday purchases with Member Perks.

  • Practice Standards

    Professional guidance on practice standards and scope of practice.

  • Advocacy

    Dedicated advocacy to protect your patients and profession.

  • ASRT Print Publications

    ASRT Publications

    The latest research and member news with ASRT publications.

  • Member Service

    Specialists available to answer your career and membership questions.



$340 Instant access to 17 CE credits. Choose from more than 550 courses in topics including radiography, CT, MR, mammography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and more.
$85 Subscriptions to Radiologic Technology and ASRT Scanner.
$250 EZ Compliance training modules, including Safe CT, Safe MRI and Safe Fluoroscopy Practices.
$100 Career-building tools, including ASRT JobBank®, Salary Estimator and ASRT Employment Roadmap®.
Membership Value
ASRT Dues Sticker
  • Premium Membership Option

    Access a bank of 20 CE credits each membership year plus receive exclusive member upgrades when you choose the Premium Membership option.

    Upgrade for an additional $20!

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How to Join as an Active Military Member


  1. Begin the online join or renew process, and select the Active Military membership category.
  2. Check the box giving ASRT permission to verify your active-duty status through the Service Member Civil Relief Act website.*
  3. Once eligibility is verified, ASRT will send you a confirmation email with a link to continue the join and renew process.


Call our Member Services department at
800-444-2778 and a specialist will help you join or renew.


  1. Complete a membership application, choosing the Active Military membership category..
  2. Check the box giving ASRT permission to verify your active-duty status through the Service Member Civil Relief Act website.*
  3. Mail application and payment to:

    15000 Central Ave. SE,
    Albuquerque, NM 87123-3909

*If ASRT is unable to verify active-duty status on the Service Members Civil Relief Act website, we will contact you by email requesting one of the following alternate forms of verification:

  • Your leave and earnings statement.
  • A copy of your current orders.
  • A letter from your commanding officer verifying your active-duty status.