ASRT Membership

Associate Member Category

Professionals who are employed in the technical, educational, managerial or corporate aspects of the radiologic sciences and who do not qualify for Active membership. Associate members enjoy all the benefits of Active membership except voting, holding office and serving as a delegate.

1-Year Membership

17 CE Credits

2-Year Membership

34 CE Credits

10% Savings

3-Year Membership

51 CE Credits

15% Savings

Payment Options


Installment Payments

Pay dues in two installments.

Automatic Renewal

Never forget to pay dues again with this convenient option.

Why Join as an Associate Member?

  • ASRT Print Publications

    ASRT Publications and Newsletters

    Knowing what’s happening in the industry outside of your organization or company can be challenging. With ASRT publications, you’ll keep up with the pulse of the industry by reading about trends, research and factors affecting radiologic technologists, including wages and salaries, licensure requirements and continuing education demands.

  • Industry Leading Research

    Access member-only research such as wage and salary surveys, staffing surveys, enrollment snapshots and more.

  • Get Involved With the Radiologic Science Community

    Access to the ASRT Communities lets you stay in step with the latest trends, news and discussions in the radiologic technology profession.

Specialized Benefits You'll Only Get from Your Professional Association

  • ASRT Communities

    ASRT Communities

    Make connections and share resources in ASRT Communities.

  • ASRT Member Perks

    Member Perks

    Exclusive discounts on everyday purchases with Member Perks.

  • Practice Standards

    Professional guidance on practice standards and scope of practice.

  • Advocacy

    Dedicated advocacy to protect your patients and profession.

  • ASRT Print Publications

    ASRT Publications

    The latest research and member news with ASRT publications.

  • Salary Estimator Tool

    Salary Estimator Tool

    Compare your salary with our exclusive salary estimator tool.

  • ASRT Events

    ASRT Conference

    Enjoy discounts on ASRT conference registration.

  • Member Service

    Specialists available to answer your career and membership questions.