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Healthcare Providers Service Organization


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Members get access to professional liability insurance coverage.

Company Profile

HPSO offers competitively priced individual liability insurance coverage designed to meet your needs, whether you're an R.T. or an RA. Each policy includes a wide range of additional coverage features designed to protect your assets, career and financial future. HPSO also is the only insurance provider to offer professional liability insurance to RAs and RA students.

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You can apply online or by phone. You must mention ASRT to qualify for the offer, and you must be an ASRT member.

• R.T.s: Apply online or call 800-982-9491.
• RAs: Apply by phone only. Call 866-216-8166.

Eligible, individual ASRT members can earn a 10% risk management discount off their professional liability insurance premium. Simply submit proof of completion of at least 6 hours of continuing education to HPSO by calling or emailing along with your policy number. The discount is applied to policies for three years and can be renewed at the conclusion of that time.