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Image-guided Radiation Therapy - Educational/Institutional Version

Image-guided Radiation Therapy

Image-guided Radiation Therapy

Teach the sophisticated technologies and techniques associated with image-guided radiation therapy. This set of eight PDF articles is designed for any radiation therapist, medical dosimetrist or student seeking to learn more about available IGRT options as well as the benefits and limitations of each technology in imaging, planning and treatment. 

Radiation Therapy Courses – Educator/Institutional Version

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Image-guided Radiation Therapy – The Series

This version includes all eight articles, a test bank, student certificate, image library and license for unlimited use. This series is perfect for the classroom or staff trainings. Each article is presented as a PDF so it can be easily printed or read on an electronic device. Not for credit.


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Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Overview
Discover the importance of image guidance and adaptation in radiation therapy practice and learn how to identify various image-guided radiation therapy and image-guided adaptive radiation therapy strategies.
Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Computed Tomography
Learn how computed tomography is used for image guidance and understand the special considerations and requirements for image guidance during simulation and treatment planning.
Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Ultrasonography
Identify appropriate uses for image-guided radiation therapy with ultrasonography and understand ultrasound approaches and techniques when used for image guidance.
Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Portal Imaging
Expand your knowledge of portal imaging in image-guided radiation therapy and define the quality assurance process for electronic portal imaging.
Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Fiducials and Transponders
Understand the use of fiducial markers within the context of image-guided radiation therapy and understand the basic processes and elements involved and common to all electromagnetic motion (EM) tracking systems.
Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Surface Tracking
Learn the basic processes and elements involved with video surface imaging and optical tracking systems with this easy-to-understand course.
Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Intrafraction Monitoring
Learn the sources of intrafraction motion and the impact of motion on treatment delivery and patient outcomes.
Image-guided Radiation Therapy: Respiratory Gating
Explore various techniques of treatment planning for respiratory-related motion and how to account for that motion in radiation therapy.
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