How Social Media Can Help You Find Your Dream Job

Many job candidates and recruiters use social media to seek employees and to find out more about a potential candidate.

We’ve outlined a few ways to make social media work for you during your job search. Learn how to use these platforms as a way to network, research, find open positions and give the best possible first impression.

  • Build a profile that gets you noticed. The first step is taking the time to build your profile, but you also must make sure it will stand out to potential employers. For example, your headline or introduction should be customized to make it easily searchable by recruiters who are looking for a candidate just like you.
  • Provide examples of your work. Upload presentations, written work or videos of speaking engagements to your profile to give potential employers the ability to see your work. You also should consider building a career catalog to help you present these materials.
  • Choose a professional profile photo. First impressions are important, and professionalism is key. Remember, potential employers might be looking at this as a representation of how professional you will be in their organization.
  • Use networking capabilities. Social media makes it possible to network and connect. Use this platform to reach out and find connections or establish new ones.
  • Research companies. Most companies have created LinkedIn or other social media profiles as a forum to share news, events, trends and technology innovations, to name just a few. This is a great way for candidates to gather information on the organization and find out a little more about them. Not only does this added research increase your knowledge of a potential place of employment, it also shows that you have done your homework, which can set you apart from other candidates for the same position.
  • Find jobs. One of the most obvious uses for LinkedIn is its job search function, which lists thousands of jobs available throughout the world. You can customize your search by creating alerts that will come directly to your email inbox either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences. You can even narrow your search by specialty, company name, location or pay scale.

It's important to have a professional online presence that not only allows you the opportunity to be discovered by potential recruiters, but also enables you to network with peers. Remember meeting someone with great career advice at the ASRT Educational Symposium or ASRT Radiation Therapy Conference? With social media, you can reach out and connect, keep in touch and possibly make a connection that can help you in your future job search.