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Affiliate Financial Assistance Program

Affiliate Financial Assistance Program

What is the Affiliate Financial Assistance Program?

The Affiliate Financial Assistance Program launched in October 2014. Affiliates that are in good standing with the ASRT are eligible for the program. ASRT will provide each eligible affiliate society with whichever is greater: either a $5,000 lump-sum payment or $1 for every ASRT member who resides in the city or state the affiliate represents.

What are the requirements?

Application eligibility is determined by:

  • Meeting all compliance requirements by their current compliance deadline.
  • Having submitted 2 qualified delegate names and their Affiliate Delegate information forms by the last business day of January during ASRT’s previous fiscal year.*
  • Having seated at least the minimum number of qualified delegates at the Annual Governance and House of Delegates meeting that occurred during ASRT's previous fiscal year.*

Affiliates will also be required to provide:

  • A current membership list.
  • A copy of their financial policies and procedures manual.
  • Completed Affiliate Financial Assistance Program Funds Usage Report.
  • A signed agreement.

When is the documentation due?

Documentation for requirements will be due within 30 days after compliance is due.

When would we receive the funds?

Affiliates that meet the requirements will receive the funds after application review and approval.

What if we do not have insurance?

Entrance and continued participation in this program requires insurance. A comprehensive insurance package will be provided to each active ASRT Affiliate. Contact the Affiliate Relations staff for more information.

How often can we apply for this program?

You can apply for the program each year on your compliance due date.

What if we are on probation?

You may still apply as long as your affiliate has an active status.

What if we are currently in other programs?

You can apply for any of the ASRT programs concurrently. These programs are all support for your affiliate to help build a strong foundation.

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