Affiliates FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a representative of an ASRT affiliate society or thinking about setting up an affiliate, we've got answers to your questions.

Official Representatives

How do I request that an official ASRT representative attend our next affiliate meeting?

The official representation (usually an ASRT Board member) is on a three-year schedule, meaning your affiliate is eligible for a representative every three years. Contact the Affiliate Relations Department to see when you are eligible.

Who pays for the costs associated with the official visit?

The ASRT pays for the travel, meals and hotel accommodations for the official representative. The affiliate should offer the official representative complimentary registration for the conference.

Can the official representative lecture at our meeting?

Because each Board member is unique, you should contact your official representative once assigned to ask if he or she would be comfortable lecturing.


Continuing Education

Does an affiliate receive complimentary continuing education review?

Yes, but there are stipulations. Only live lectures are reviewed free of charge. To qualify, the affiliate must be active and in good standing with the ASRT. Contact the Education Department for information on specific CE-related questions.

I thought once a CE lecture was approved, we could continue to use the same approval?

No, the approval is one time only. Each subsequent presentation must be submitted for review.

How do I request a listing of our upcoming conference on the ASRT website?

See contact information and instructions on submitting your conference information for the ASRT Event Calendar at Submit Your Event.


General Questions

When do our bylaws need to be reviewed again?

Bylaws do not need to be revised each year unless changes have been made by the affiliate or the ASRT Bylaws have been amended. Contact the ASRT Affiliate Relations Office if bylaws are updated. The latest copy of the bylaws should be sent to the ASRT. Remember, bylaws should be similar to the ASRT bylaws. Substantial changes may affect the charter agreement.

What is the Internal Revenue Service requirement for submitting a Form 990?

Every nonprofit will need to fill out a Form 990. Organizations that have total revenue of less than $25,000 will need to file Form 990-N, which is the electronic postcard. Organizations that have revenue exceeding $25,000 can file Form 990-EZ. More complex organizations will need to complete Form 990.

Contact the IRS for further questions:

  • Telephone assistance for exempt organizations, retirement plan administrators and government entities
    is available toll-free at 877-829-5500.
  • Form 990 information is available at

What is the difference between using the ASRT's tax exemption and using our own exemption?

ASRT's group exemption offers affiliates the opportunity to use the "umbrella" tax-exempt status while the affiliate is in good standing. The ASRT files the report with the IRS by June 30 of each year, listing each affiliate that has elected to be part of the group exemption. An affiliate may only be considered tax exempt by either being a part of ASRT's group exemption or obtaining its own exemption. If you choose to apply for your own exemption, your affiliate is responsible for all filing. Contact the Affiliate Relations Office for information on your affiliate's status.

Where can we find information on director and officer and liability insurance for affiliates?

Don't overlook exposures that could put your organization and your board of directors at risk. Your board of directors is critical to your nonprofit's operation and finances.Nonprofit organizations can purchase directors and officers coverage on behalf of their board to indemnify them against claims. Director and officer insurance policies are offered through several companies. See Member Perks for information on ASRT's trusted partners, including insurance companies. You can also search the internet for nonprofit state associations that list local insurance carriers and contact information. Affiliate leaders can contact the ASRT Affiliate Relations Office at or call 800-444-2778 for more information or assistance with finding an insurance company.