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Registration Packages

General Registration Information

Housing closes Thursday, September 29th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

All conference registration packages include access to the ASTRO exhibit hall (excluding poster displays).

All packages, except Guest Badge, include Sunday general sessions, courses, coffee each morning and lunch on Sunday.


2022 Radiation Therapy Conference Registration Packages

Registration Packages

Complete Registration Package
ASRT Member
ASRT Student Member*
Student Nonmember**
One-day Registration Package
ASRT Member
ASRT Student Member*
Student Nonmember
Three-day Guest Badge***

Early Bird
By July 18

Complete Registration Package
ASRT Member $475
ASRT Student Member*$130
Student Nonmember$155
One-day Registration Package
ASRT Member$250
ASRT Student Member*$90
Student Nonmember$110
Three-day Guest Badge**
Three-day Guest Badge$85

By Sept. 16

Complete Registration Package>
ASRT Member$550
ASRT Student Member*$140
Student Nonmember$165
One-day Registration Package
ASRT Member$310
ASRT Student Member*$105
Student Nonmember$125
Three-day Guest Badge**
Three-day Guest Badge$100

From Sept. 17

Complete Registration Package
ASRT Member$625
ASRT Student Member*$150
Student Nonmember$175
One-day Registration Package
ASRT Member$370
ASRT Student Member*$120
Student Nonmember$140
Three-day Guest Badge**
Three-day Guest Badge$200


*Student members are those who are enrolled in primary radiologic science programs or who have not received initial certification. No continuing education credit is awarded for attendees who register for a student package.

**Full registration includes a one-year ASRT membership.

***The Guest Badge package includes access to the ASRT and ASTRO exhibit halls, morning coffee each day and lunch on Sunday. It does not include the courses or access to the poster displays in the ASTRO exhibit hall.