Assembly Hall

The ASRT office is home to a staff of nearly 130 people, and is the home away from home of more than 153,000 members. National conference events, volunteer leadership meetings, educational curriculum advisory groups and industry task forces are just a few of the many important constituencies who visit, enjoy and utilize our facilities for collaboration and results. Increasing our foot traffic even more, ASRT opens its spaces to state and local community organizations, from the Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Advisory Council to the American Red Cross. Our high-visibility areas are hubs of productivity, inspiration or relaxation valued by staff and guests.

This multipurpose conference room is the largest space at ASRT's office, with theater-style seating that accommodates 150 people. Designed for a wide variety of configurations using movable walls and modular furniture, the space can be divided into up to four sections. Each segment is equipped for presentations and three are additionally equipped for webinars. The rooms are used for internal events like staff training and employee fairs, as well as external events including volunteer meetings, luncheons with constituents and broader community conferences, including the state society meeting.

Photos of the Assembly Hall

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