ASRT Communities

ASRT Communities
Earning Ribbons

A fun feature of the Communities is the ability to earn ribbons to showcase your involvement in the profession.

Listed below are the ribbons that you can earn in the Communities along with an explanation of how you can attain each ribbon.

ASRT Communities Recognition Ribbons

Years of Membership

You automatically receive a ribbon that showcases the length of your continuous ASRT membership. The ribbons are as follows:

  • 50+ years of membership
  • 45+ years of membership
  • 40+ years of membership
  • 35+ years of membership
  • 30+ years of membership
  • 25+ years of membership
  • 20+ years of membership
  • 15+ years of membership
  • 10+ years of membership
  • 5+ years of membership
  • 4 years of membership
  • 3 years of membership
  • 2 years of membership
  • 1 year of membership
  • New Member
Member 50 plus


Current members of a volunteer committee or project work group receive a volunteer ribbon for their invaluable service to the profession. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Find current opportunities and volunteer today!


ASRT Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration Campaign Donor

Members who support the ASRT Foundation's Celebration Campaign receive this distinguished ribbon. Find out more about the ASRT Foundation's mission to support and empower medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and students as they pursue opportunities to enhance the quality and safety of patient care.

Campaign Donor

Community Engagement

You will earn these engagement ribbons simply by participating in the Communities. There are three levels of engagement.


100 points

Senior Contributor

500 points

Rad Contributor

1,200 points

Senior Contributor
RAD Contributor

You can earn points for doing the following in the Communities:

Action Points

Write a discussion post.

8 points

Share a file.

8 points

Join a community.

6 points

Comment on a shared file.

4 points

Add a link related to a shared file.

4 points

Receive a recommendation on a discussion or shared file you created.

3 points

Send an invitation to connect with another member.

3 points

Send a message to another member.

3 points

Use the recommend button on a discussion or shared file.

3 points

Add another member as a contact.

2 points

Invite other members to join a community.

1 point

Accept a community invitation.

1 point

Accept a connection from another member.

1 point

Receive a message from another member.

1 point

View community web pages.

1 point

Find out how many engagement points you have earned by looking at your profile under My Contributions.