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ASRT Communities

ASRT Communities
Guide to ASRT Communities

Quick Start Guide

We are pleased to offer a rich and diverse online experience to further assist you in reaching your professional goals.

Members can use the ASRT Communities to connect with other engaged professionals using a member directory, participate in online discussions and share helpful documents. Access from your computer or download the app to your mobile device. Not sure where to begin? Let us help you get started!

A helpful video tutorial on the ASRT Communities is also available.

Join ASRT Communities  

1 Build Your Member Profile

Go to www.asrt.org/myasrt and log in using the blue button at the top right. Select the drop-down box in the upper right corner of the page (next to the My ASRT link) and select Profile.

​Upload a Photo
Under the photo silhouette, click on the Actions drop-down menu and then on Change Picture. You can upload a photo from your personal computer or smartphone.

​Add Your Information
Update your profile with your bio, educational background, job history, honors, awards and professional associations by clicking on the Add button at the right corner of each section. ​You can​ also import your information directly from your LinkedIn account.

​Update Your Privacy Settings
Find the options for your privacy settings by selecting the My Account drop-down menu and clicking on the Privacy Settings link. The default setting shows only your name, city and state. If you would like other members or specific contacts to see more information about you, select the appropriate permission button. For example, the default setting for your email address is Only Me. This means that other members cannot see your email address in your profile. For information you want others members to see, choose Members Only. This is also where you can opt in or opt out of being listed in the member directory.

Start your Profile in ASRT Communities

2 Join Communities

To join a community, go to the Communities drop-down menu on the main blue bar and select All Communities. Click the Join button that is to the right of the community name. After you have joined a community, it will appear in your My Communities listing. You can join as many communities as you want. There are 18 communities.

Set Your Messaging Preferences
You can choose how often you would like to receive updates on the discussions happening in your selected communities:

  • Real Time – sends an email as soon as a new post is submitted.
  • Daily Digest – collects all activity in the community for a 24-hour period and sends one summary email each day.
  • I would like to opt-out of receiving email messages – no emails are sent to alert you to new activity. You can see what is new by logging in to the Communities.

To set your subscription preferences, go to your profile page and select the My Account drop-down menu​, then Community Notifications.

​Start a Discussion
In the community where you would like to post a message, click Discussion and the blue Post New Message button.

Join the conversation in ASRT Communities

3 Discover the Library of Resources

View Shared Files
To view files that your peers have shared, select the Shared Files tab within your community. The information is easy to view, share and download.

Upload a File
Contribute to the communities by sharing resources that you use frequently. To upload a file, click on the Create New Library Entry from the Shared Files tab in any community.

Share Resources in ASRT Communities

4 Expand Your Network

The online Member Directory will help you easily connect with other ASRT members. To use this feature, select Member Directory from the blue navigation bar. The Members tab within each community lists members of that specific community.

Find Contacts Through Basic and Advanced Searches
Find a member using the directory to search by name, city, state, title, clinical practice, work site, academic level, chapter or credentials.

​Add a Member as a Contact
When you perform a search in the Member Directory, you will see the Add as Contact and Send Message buttons to the right of each person listed in your search results. When you view an individual’s profile, you can see these same options. Go to My Contacts from your profile to view a listing of all your contacts.

Expand your Network in ASRT Communities