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ASRT Launches Patient Shielding Task Force Webpage

Dec 08, 2022

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists has launched its Patient Shielding Task Force webpage, a comprehensive portal that provides up-to-date information on shielding recommendations, educational resources for radiologic technologists and patients, and frequently asked questions.

The webpage is a strategic initiative of the ASRT Patient Shielding Task Force for radiologic technologists and patients to understand recent recommended changes for gonadal and fetal shielding practices.

Chaired by ASRT Speaker of the House Daniel DeMaio, M.Ed., R.T.(R)(CT), and ASRT Chair of the Board Kristi Moore, Ph.D., R.T.(R)(CT), the Patient Shielding Task Force’s goal is to educate radiologic technologists and patients about ASRT’s position on gonadal and fetal shielding, and to ensure practitioners have the information they need to adopt this significant change in patient-shielding practices.

“The Patient Shielding Task Force believes it’s vitally important for R.T.s and patients to understand that the ASRT only supports the discontinuation of gonadal and fetal shielding during radiographic procedures of the abdomen and pelvis,” said DeMaio. “ASRT continues to support the established best practices in patient shielding for other procedures to minimize patient radiation exposure, if there’s no risk of the shielding interfering with procedural efficacy or leading to increased patient dose.”

The gonadal and fetal shielding recommendation is a major change that affects legislative statutes, hospital protocols, educational institutions and several other areas. That’s why the task force is committed to monitoring the shifting shielding discussion and providing information and resources to ensure information is available for R.T.s and patients.

“ASRT has received hundreds of questions from R.T.s seeking clarification about the recommendation to eliminate gonadal and fetal shielding during x-ray based diagnostic imaging,” DeMaio said. “Our profession remains deeply committed to patient safety during all medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures, and the Patient Shielding Task Force is an important resource to answer questions and assist practitioners in their continuous efforts to minimize patient radiation exposure.”

If you have a question about the Patient Shielding Task Force or specific shielding questions, please email [email protected].