Educators FAQ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I project the modules in my classroom using a personal computer?

Yes! The modules can be used on a computer with any of the popular web browsers and projected for your class to see.

How will I receive the modules?

You will receive a CD or DVD package in the mail.

How long can I use the series after I purchase it?

As part of the institutional/educational purchase, you will receive a license of unlimited use of the entire series.

What format is the file?

The module files are .swf Adobe Flash files. They can be viewed using any of the popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Can I use the modules in a learning management system such as Blackboard or WebCT?

Yes, you should be able to post the modules to learning management systems.

Are the modules worth continuing education credit?

No. If you would like to take the modules for CE credit, you can purchase the credit versions in the ASRT Store.

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