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In order to save you time and effort in searching for answers, we have provided some of our most commonly asked questions and answers below.  If you should need further assistance, please refer to our contact page for phone, fax, mail and email information.


Where do radiologic technologists practice?

Although the majority of radiologic technologists practice within a hospital setting, many now work in private clinic or mobile facilities to better meet the needs of the health care industry.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a radiologic technologist?

There are as many avenues for entering the profession as there are disciplines and specialties. The most common route is a two-year program housed in community colleges, universities, private schools and hospitals. Some of the disciplines require the two-year radiography certification prior to enrollment in the course of study for that discipline or specialty. Others require various prerequisites for entry that may or may not include radiography courses. Some of these programs are advancing to a four-year baccalaureate level, which the profession promotes.

What is a registered radiologic technologist?

The credential necessary to become a registered radiologic technologist is obtained by passing one of several national certifying examinations. Eligibility for admission to the examination process is determined by the appropriate certification agency.

Are there licensure requirements for practicing radiologic technologists?

Currently many states have specific licensure laws. Information may be obtained by contacting your state licensing board or the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

How can companies that sell products to radiologic technologists or service this industry get involved with and support ASRT?

The ASRT offers several types of marketing media to corporations interested in reaching certified radiologic technologists. Advertising to ASRT members and nonmembers is offered via ASRT's Scanner newsmagazine (members only), Radiologic Technology journal (members and nonmembers) and Radiation Therapist journal (all ARRT-registered radiation therapists and medical dosimetrists).

The ASRT currently offers for rent mailing lists of its members in diagnostic radiography, cardiac-interventional and vascular-interventional radiography, computed tomography, medical dosimetry, magnetic resonance, mammography, nuclear medicine, quality management, radiation therapy and sonography. Lists are available on labels or diskette, and names may be selected by state or discipline. The lists are available to qualified hospitals, colleges, universities, private medical practices, professional organizations or commercial vendors within the radiologic sciences. For pricing information, conditions and terms, please contact adsales@asrt.org.

The ASRT Foundation provides corporations with an opportunity to reach ASRT members by supporting the Foundation's educational scholarship programs, RT Research Grants program and other initiatives. Through alliances and partnerships, the Foundation provides a visible way to demonstrate your commitment to radiologic technologists and the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession. For more information, please contact foundation@asrt.org.


For further information on how to become more involved in the radiologic sciences profession, call the ASRT Marketing department at 800-444-2778 and press 5, or email us at memberservices@asrt.org.