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American Society of Radiologic Technologists

ASRT Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
Sandra Hayden

Michael Latimer

Amanda Garlock

Vice President
Melissa Jackowski

Stephanie Johnston

Speaker of the House
Michael Odgren

Vice Speaker of the House
Beth Weber

ASRT Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
Sal Martino

Associate Executive Director of Administration and Regulatory Affairs and Executive Director of ASRT Museum
Greg Morrison

Associate Executive Director of Operations and Governance and Executive VP, ASRT Foundation
Liana Watson

Associate Executive Director of Learning and Membership
Myke Kudlas

Chief Financial Officer
Laura Niel

Chief Information Officer
Pete Conlin

Vice President of Affiliate and Member Relations and Executive Secretary to the Boards
Dana Aragon

Vice President of Communications
Jake Buehler

Vice President of Human Resources
Lisa DeTemple

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development 
Mark Ryerson

Vice President of State Advocacy and Government Relations
Christine Lung

ASRT Department Directors

Corporate Relations
Janet McEwen

Meetings and Conferences
Christine Pauley

Mary Sandoval

Anthony Acree

Craig St. George

Professional Development
Ellen Lipman

Professional Practice
Becky Apodaca

Publications and Editing 
Kathi Schroeder
Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving
John Padilla

John Culbertson

Contact Information

Advertising Sales
Fax: 505-298-5063

Affiliate Relations

ASRT Political Action Committee

Careers at ASRT
800-444-2778 ext. 1300

Certificate Tracking

Certificate Upload

Fax: 505-816-1951

Conference Information
800-444-2778, Ext. 1925

Continuing Education
Fax: 505-291-6072

ASRT Foundation
800-444-2778, Ext.1222

Exhibit and Sponsor Opportunities
Corporate Relations Department
800-444-2778, Ext. 1915

Government Relations
Christine Lung
800-444-2778, Ext. 1308

Governance and Affiliate Relations

Marketing and Business Development

Public Relations/Media Inquiries
800-444-2778, Ext. 1225

Member Services

Conference Information
800-444-2778, Ext. 1925

800-444-2778. Ext. 1910

Professional Development
Ellen Lipman
800-444-2778, Ext. 1255

Publications and Editing

Research Department