ASRT Refund Policy FAQ

  • What items are eligible for return or exchange?

    Physical products, memberships, RFA fees (prior to review), and event registrations are all eligible for either return or exchange. Online educational products are not eligible for return or exchange. Check the ASRT Refund Page for specific policies related to each type of refund.

  • Are undamaged items eligible for return or exchange?

    Undamaged physical products can be returned within 60 days of purchase.

  • How long do I have to return or exchange damaged items?

    Damaged items are eligible for return within 60 days, with a shipping receipt.

  • Can online continuing education products be returned or exchanged?

    No. Samples are available for many of our online educational products to help you make an informed purchasing decision. If you do not see a sample available online, please call 800-444-2778 to request a sample before purchasing the product.

  • Do I need my shipping receipt?

    We will replace or issue a full refund and cover shipping costs for all damaged items returned with a shipping receipt within 60 days of purchase.

  • Are shipping costs refunded?

    Shipping costs are covered for damaged items, but are not covered on undamaged items. Online products are not subject to shipping charges.

  • Is there a restocking fee?

    For undamaged or unused items returned within 60 days, we will apply a restocking fee of $5 or 20 percent of the invoice total, whichever is greater.

  • Are online continuing education products subject to shipping charges or restocking fees?

    The ASRT does not accept returns or exchanges of online education products.

  • When are refunds applied?

    Refunds are applied within 30 days.

  • How will I be refunded?

    Refunds are applied based on your method of payment.