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Life Member

The life member category is an honor recognizing individual members for their special contributions to the ASRT. This membership status is limited to active members who qualify within the eligibility guidelines stated in the ASRT Bylaws. It should not be confused with retired or inactive status. Life members are exempt from all annual dues payments. Life members retain all rights and privileges of regular active members.

Life members are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession and to the ASRT. In particular, the honorary category recognizes a wide range of activities, not just being a long-term member of the ASRT. Life members should be recognized for sustained superior performance in support of the ASRT and the radiologic science profession.

According to the ASRT Bylaws, life members are those active members who have maintained continuous membership for a minimum of 30 years and shall be limited to one for each 2,500 active members. Their participation as a member shall reflect exceptional service and dedication to the ASRT and the profession. They shall be selected by three-fourths vote of the entire membership of the Board of Directors. They shall have all rights, privileges and obligations of active members.

Elevation to life member status may be considered for an individual who:

  • Has been an active member of ASRT for a minimum of 30 continuous years.
  • Has provided exceptional service and dedication to the ASRT and the profession.
  • Is an advocate for ASRT’s mission and strategic initiatives.

Recommendations for life member shall be made by an ASRT voting member(s) and be in the form of a completed nomination packet. All submissions must be received in the ASRT office by the first business day of January.

Required Documentation

  1. Nominee’s curriculum vitae. List the nominee’s work experience including length of service, organizations in which he or she has served and positions held, if not in the curriculum vitae.
  2. A detailed description, separate from the letter of support, of the nominee’s demonstrated leadership that has affected the health care or social history of the United States through sustained, lifelong contributions to the profession, education, administration, research, economics or literature. The description should include the nominee’s achievements that have enduring value to ASRT and the profession. The description should reflect the nominee’s exceptional service and dedication to ASRT and the profession.
  3. Three letters of support from current ASRT members must be submitted as part of the nomination documentation and received by the ASRT Governance Department by the first business day of January. One of the letters of support may come from the ASRT member submitting the nomination form.