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The ASRT list offers mailers direct access to thousands of engaged industry professionals. Each ASRT member is a leader in the field who regularly invests in personal and professional excellence.

The ASRT list includes multiple layers of selections — ranging from geographic location to professional credentials — to help mailers target your desired audience within the overall ASRT file, and that earns you the best available response rate for your mailing.

The ASRT mailing list is 100% direct-response generated and is updated frequently throughout the year to ensure that names are up to date when you need them. The list undergoes regular data cleaning to ensure that each name is at a current, deliverable address.

For more information, to request quantities (counts) of customized selections from the ASRT list or to place an order, contact ASRT Corporate Relations or complete the below Mailing List Contact Information Form.

Mail lists are not available to promote continuing education products or membership in professional organizations.

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ASRT may refuse to rent its membership mailing list to any individual or entity whose products or programs conflict with the principles and philosophies of ASRT.

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