Radiation Therapy Curriculum

The ASRT updates and revises its curricula on a five-year cycle. The current Radiation Therapy Curriculum was adopted by the ASRT’s Education Committee in 2014. This sets a target of 2019 to complete the update process for the next version of the curriculum. This process includes curriculum review, revision, community review and comment and submission for formal adoption.

The draft copy of the revised Radiation Therapy Curriculum is now available for community review and comment. Please submit your comments to RTT.Curriculum@asrt.org by Oct. 1, 2018.

Following this posting, public comments and adjustments to the draft will be compiled and shared with the curriculum revision project workgroup.

Content areas with key changes are identified below. This list is not reflective of every change.

  • Clinical Practice:
    • Expanded and reorganized content related to simulation.
    • Added MRI safety concepts for simulation and treatment delivery.
  • Imaging and Processing in Radiation Oncology:
    • Condensed to reduce redundancy and reflect entry-level education.
  • Operational Issues in Radiation Therapy:
    • Section removed.
    • Content consolidated into other sections.
  • Orientation to Radiation Therapy.
  • Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy I.
  • Radiation Therapy Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Safety and Operations:
    • Section reworked and title changed from “Quality Management”.
  • Radiation Therapy Patient Care.
  • Research Methods, Evidence-Based Practice and Information Literacy:
    • Section title changed from “Research Methods and Information Literacy”.