Mammography Curriculum

The ASRT updates and revises its curricula on a five-year cycle. The update process for the next version of the Mammography Curriculum is currently underway by the curriculum revision project workgroup. This process includes curriculum review, revision, community review and comment and submission for formal adoption. The goal of this project is to have a final document available in spring 2018.

The public comment period for the draft Mammography Curriculum containing proposed revisions has closed. Comments and recommendations for edits to the draft have been shared with the curriculum revision project workgroup.

The proposed revisions to the Mammography Curriculum include several changes:

  • Film-screen image acquisition, processing and technical factors have been removed from the curriculum.
  • Terms describing digital imaging technology have been updated.
  • The Correlative Physical Breast Assessment section has been revised and renamed Patient Assessment and Communication to reflect current practice. Medical history documentation content has been moved into this section, and specific physical examination techniques have been removed.
  • Regulatory standards have been updated to reflect current guidelines.
  • Nuclear medicine, 3-D ultrasound and optical breast imaging methods have been added to the New Technologies section.

For information about accreditation and certification, visit the FDA's mammography page.

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