ASRT Curricula
Bone Densitometry Curriculum

The ASRT updates and revises its curricula on a five-year cycle, and the adoption process for the current Bone Densitometry Curriculum was completed in 2023. Roughly 85% of medical imaging and radiation therapy educators rely on ASRT’s curriculum documents as a major factor in determining their program’s curriculum. However, in a survey conducted by the ASRT Research Department, it was identified that 8% of respondents who knew about the Bone Densitometry Curriculum followed it fully or partially. Most respondents used it as a reference (27%), knew about it but didn’t use it (53%), or didn’t know about it at all (12%).

Considering the survey results, the ASRT education department recognizes the need to increase exposure for the Bone Densitometry Curriculum. Working closely with the Bone Densitometry Curriculum Revision Workgroup, the existing curriculum was pared down significantly and will be added to the “Additional Concentrations” section of the Radiography Curriculum document during the next revision cycle in 2027.

There was overlap between the Radiography and Bone Densitometry Curriculum documents. For example, information covering patient care, record keeping, and radiation safety and protection is available in both the 2022 Radiography Curriculum and the 2019 Bone Densitometry Curriculum located in the Historical Documents section. By relying on the Radiography Curriculum to cover these general topics, the new Bone Densitometry Curriculum is able to provide the same key content, but with increased exposure to a larger audience.

To help expand on this outline of Bone Densitometry practices, please refer to the Resources section of the 2023 adopted Bone Densitometry Curriculum for a list of textbooks, websites, and bone health organizations used to determine the major content areas.


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