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  • How many credits do I need?

  • How do I earn CE credits?

  • What is Category A credit?

  • What is Category A+ (plus) credit?

  • What type of credits can I claim for CE to maintain my R.R.A. status?

  • Do I need to send my ASRT CE credit report to the ARRT?

  • Does ARDMS accept ASRT-approved activities to meet my CE requirements?

  • Can I use ASRT-approved activities to meet the CE requirements for my California state license?

  • Does ASRT track and transfer credits to the state of Florida?

  • Does ASRT track and transfer credits to the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography?

  • How do I track my credits?

  • Where can I find credits?

  • How are CE credits determined?

  • How many credits can I earn from an academic course?

  • Does CPR certification count for CE credit?

FAQ Site Help Topics