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Clinical Site?

Finding a clinical site to prepare for post-primary certification can be challenging. Students and technologists regularly contact ASRT looking for help in finding a clinical site. To assist in this process, ASRT surveyed members across all modalities who have already acquired, or are working to acquire, a post-primary certification. Respondents provided feedback on where they performed or are performing clinical rotations, whether they paid for the experience, where they received HIPAA compliance education and whether liability insurance was required. The survey results are summarized here, and the full report is available for download here.

Survey Results

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Types of Clinical Sites

The most frequently reported settings for clinical training were hospitals (78.9% of respondents), imaging centers (19.7%) or large clinics (10.6%).

The report also shows that 8.4% of the participants performed their clinical education with a health care provider that they did not work for.

Types of Clinical Sites

Participant Disciplines/Specialties

Participants Who Paid for Clinical Experience

Did you have to pay for your clinical experience

It was difficult to search for a clinical site since I was not affiliated with a university or other school. I performed my structured education using ASRT’s available courses. I called hospitals and clinics in my area to ask if I could perform my clinical training at their facility but the answer was always “no”. Finally I found a small clinic who agreed to let me train at their facility.

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HIPAA Education Requirements


When asked how they fulfilled HIPAA education for clinical rotations, respondents reported:

  • 65.5% completed training through their employer.
  • 16.2% completed training from the clinical facility.
  • 14.1% completed training through an educational program.
  • 2.8% completed training in an unspecified setting.
  • 1.4% completed training online.

I had to travel to a facility 6 hours away. Thankfully the program offered housing otherwise I would have had to pay for my own lodging during my 2 week rotation.

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Liability Insurance


The majority of respondents (78.6%) did not need any liability insurance for their clinical rotations because most respondents (71.3%) earned the clinical portion for their post-primary certification through an employer which negates the need for additional liability coverage. This is only true if the training was performed during the employee’s regular working hours. Another 24.5% performed clinical rotations through the affiliation of an educational program, 8.4% with a health care provider that was not their employer, and another 5.6% in some other setting.

HPSO ASRT offers access to discounted liability insurance through the Healthcare Providers Service Organizations (HPSO) as a benefit of membership.

Liability Insurance Chart


  • I had to persuade the techs at the hospital to allow me be their student. The facility was not one of the guaranteed facilities affiliated with the school so it was up to me to make the connection.

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  • I learned hospitals and other facilities in my area do not take on RTs like me looking to gain clinical experiences in CT and MRI. It IS a huge investment and they’d rather train their own employees. I spoke with someone who said that if I could help him secure clinical sites in my area he would give me a discount towards the clinical part of the educational program since I am already enrolled in ASRT’s CT Basics and MR Basics courses.

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  • I was fortunate to have the opportunity to perform clinical rotations through my employer when I was working towards achieving my post-primary certification. My employer even allowed me to adjust my work schedule accordingly.

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  • I was lucky enough to know someone who could connect me with a facility willing to let me work as an unpaid intern while performing my clinical requirements. My other option was to pay the local university.

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  • It was challenging to find time to gain clinical experience while working full time as a Nuc Med tech. It took me a little longer to get the exams I needed and because I work in a small hospital it took additional time to fulfill the required variety of exams.

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