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Breast Imaging Basics

Breast Imaging Basics

Whether you are preparing for an exam, you need CE credit or you’re trying to decide if breast imaging is the specialty for you, you can use this illustrated online series to gain the expertise you need.

After successful completion of all 10 for-credit modules, the ASRT will send you a document recognizing your achievement and a handy mammography positioning guide that you can use at work. We also offer an institutional version for use in the classroom.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Breast Imaging Basics series.

Featured Mammography Training Courses
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Breast Imaging Basics: The Series
This package includes all 10 modules. Once you complete the series for 15 credits, we will send you a document recognizing your achievement and a handy positioning guide that you can use at work.

15 $225 $300

Breast Imaging Basics: Module 8 – Procedures and Techniques

Explore breast positioning as an art while learning how to acquire diagnostic images that can detect breast abnormalities.
2 $30 $40

Breast Imaging Basics: Module 10 – Digital Mammography

Explore the theory and physics behind producing, acquiring and displaying digital mammograms, as well as the benefits of digital mammography for patients and technologists.
1 $15 $20

Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences: Chapter 11 Mammographic Quality Standards

This course covers the components of mammographic equipment, digital mammography systems and quality management programs designed to minimize variations in image quality.
2 $30 $40
Other Mammography Training Courses
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Finding a New Groove

This award-winning course covers basic positioning techniques and advanced positions necessary to obtain quality images.
1 $15 $20

Safety Essentials: Patient Fall Prevention

Examine how to prevent patient falls, the medical conditions that create a risk of falling and the characteristics of a fall-safe environment.
1 $15 $20

Breast Specimen Imaging

This Directed Reading Classic discusses the various types of biopsies and the techniques used for specimen imaging and their history.
1.5 $15 $30

Breast Ultrasound

Describes scanning techniques, optimum equipment settings and patient positioning.
1 $15 $20

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Describes the current state of tomosynthesis technology and addresses the challenges faced by researchers and manufacturers.
1.5 $15 $30

Digital Mammo: An Update

This Directed Reading Classic explains the difference between four of the specialized equipment systems and the diagnostic techniques unique to each.
1 $10 $20

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Covers how to recognize the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer and identifies medical imaging findings that could corroborate a diagnosis of IBC.
1 $10 $20

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Presents an overview of malignant breast disease and discusses biopsy techniques and the advantages and limitations of stereotactic breast biopsy.
1.5 $15 $30

The Augmented Breast

Reviews mammographic techniques and other modalities used to screen for and diagnose breast disease in patients with augmented breasts.
1.5 $15 $30


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