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Computed Tomography CE

CT Basics - Credit Version

CT Basics

Computed Tomography Continuing Education

These courses include colorful images and engaging animations to explain the basics of CT in an easy-to-follow format. This series is a convenient solution for computed tomography training as you can access the courses online when it is convenient for you.

Whether you’re trying to decide if CT is the specialty for you or you need to prepare for a lecture or test, you can use this series to get the practical knowledge you need to achieve your professional goals. After successful completion of all 12 for-credit modules, the ASRT will send you a recognition of achievement award.

Is This the Right Version for You?

The Credit Version of each module features a quiz you can take to earn CE credit. We also have versions for instructors and students who would like to use the CT Basics series for other purposes.

Computed Tomography Courses – Credit Version

Module Credits Member Price Retail

CT Basics — The Series

This package includes all 12 modules and a free bonus practice test containing 83 questions, which will help you prepare for the ARRT CT exam.

16  $240 $320

Module 1 — Fundamentals

Covers the history and evolution of CT including the design elements of the modern CT scanner.

1 $15 $20

Module 2 — Equipment and Instrumentation

Explores the mechanisms of the CT apparatus and explains how the operator can affect the quality of each image.

1 $15 $20

Module 3 — Data Acquisition

Describes how components of modern CT scanners construct images and how images are affected by selectable scan factors.

1 $15 $20

Module 4 — Image Processing and Reconstruction

Focuses on the tools and applications needed for viewing, specialized scanning and archiving CT data.

1 $15 $20

Module 5 — Patient Safety

Demonstrates the methods used to measure patient dose, increase patient safety and reduce occupational exposure in CT.

1 $15 $20

Module 6 — Image Quality

Illustrates how image quality is a balance between selectable factors and radiation dose to the patient.

1 $15 $20

Module 7 — Procedures

Explores routine head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, thoracic, lumbar spine and extremity examinations, as well as CT angiography of the chest.

2 $30 $40

Module 8 — Cross-sectional Anatomy of the Head and Neck

Provides the necessary tools for understanding anatomy in three dimensions by demonstrating the location, function and appearance of major structures in the head and neck.

2 $30 $40

Module 9 — Cross-sectional Anatomy of the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis

Provides the necessary tools for understanding anatomy in three dimensions by demonstrating the location, function and appearance of major structures in the thorax (chest), abdomen and pelvis.

2 $30 $40

Module 10 — Additional Applications

Covers advanced CT scanning techniques and the postprocessing applications that can be used to manipulate volumes of data.

2 $30 $40

Module 11 – Pathology Part 1

Describes the distinct appearance on CT images of pathological conditions such as hernia, pancreatitis and sinus mass. The module also covers CT biopsy images and the evaluation of traumatic injury using CT.

1 A+  $15 $20

Module 12 – Pathology Part 2

Explores the use of CT and CT volume rendering techniques in the evaluation of abdominal masses, vascular pathologies, calcium scoring and GI diseases such as appendicitis, bezoar and colorectal cancer.

1 A+ $15 $20