Radiologist Assistant

Radiologist AssistantRadiologist assistants are experienced, registered radiographers who have obtained additional education and certification that qualifies them to serve as radiologist extenders. They work under the supervision of a radiologist to provide patient care in the diagnostic imaging environment.

The addition of RAs to the radiology team helps improve productivity and efficiency at a time when the demand for medical imaging services is soaring.


About Radiologist Assistants


Education and Certification


RA Licensure and Reimbursement

  • RA Legislative FAQ
    Find all the answers to questions about legislative efforts to ensure patient access to radiologist assistant care.
  • Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act
    Learn about the bill encouraging Medicare recognition of the radiologist assistant.
  • MARCA Cosponsors
  • Read the growing list of legislators who have signed on to support this important bill.
  • Contact Congress
    Use our easy online tools to contact your legislators and ask them to support the radiologist assistant bill.

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