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The Radiation Therapy Roadmap® is a new member benefit that will help you to reach your career goals. Follow the timeline on the Radiation Therapy Roadmap to navigate through six months of preparation for the radiation therapy certification exam. Each milestone along the route provides timely review materials, study resources and valuable advice to help you successfully prepare for the exam and launch your career as a registered radiation therapist.

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How Does It Work?

Start Your Journey

Follow the timeline to review materials and resources that will get you prepared for the radiation therapy exam.

Check off the tasks you complete to track your progress.

Start Your Journey
Navigate Your Way

Navigate Your Way To Success

Keep track of exactly where you are along the route. See the milestones you’ve completed and where you’re headed next.

Follow Your Own Path

Revisit any of your tasks throughout the Radiation Therapy Roadmap® — no matter where you are along the route.


Reach Your Destination With Confidence

All of the Radiation Therapy Roadmap’s resources are compiled to help you successfully prepare for the radiation therapy exam and pave the road ahead to your new career.

Reach Your Destination With Confidence

The milestone tasks in this Roadmap are suggestions for exam preparation. These tasks are not all required to sit for primary or postprimary exams and do not replace the requirements of each certification organization. Candidates are advised to check directly with their certification organization for examination requirements.

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