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The New Member Roadmap is a guided tour through your first 12 months of ASRT membership. Stop at each milestone along the route and learn about the important tools, resources, member benefits and professional opportunities available to ASRT members.

How Does It Work?

Start Your Journey

Each stop along the route introduces you to member benefits and resources to make the most of your membership and develop your career.

Check off the tasks you complete to track your progress.

Start Your Journey
Navigate Your Way

Navigate Your Way to Success

Keep track of exactly where you are along the route. See the milestones you’ve completed and where you’re headed next.

Follow Your Own Path

Revisit any of your tasks throughout the New Member Roadmap — no matter where you are along the route.


Get a Complete Membership Experience

At the end of your first year of membership, you’ll have an understanding of all the member benefits and resources ASRT offers medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals like you.

Reach Your Destination With Confidence

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