Discovering Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy

Radiologic Technology 101

Radiologic  Technology 101

Get a crash course in radiologic technology from fellow students on a quest for knowledge. The videos on this page will ​give you an introduction to medical imaging and radiation therapy.

X-rays Are Pretty Rad!

Olivia takes a field trip to the hospital to learn firsthand how x-rays work. When she meets a radiographer named Chandra, she finds out that radiation is an energy source. She’s surprised to learn that the x-ray machine is one of the oldest and most widely used technologies in health care.

Riddles in Medical Imaging

Four teens get a lively lesson in Medical Imaging 101. Watch as they find the answers to some intriguing questions, such as why a computed tomography scan is like a loaf of bread and how sonography could be compared to the way a bat locates its prey. Learn why nuclear medicine has been called an “inside out” x-ray, and discover the science behind how a magnetic resonance image is created.

Andrew’s Adventure in Radiation Therapy

Since Andrew’s grandmother’s cancer was successfully treated with radiation therapy, he’s been determined to find out how it works. Watch as he discovers how radiation can be used to kill cancer cells and gets fitted for an immobilization mask. In the end, he learns that the real heroes of radiation therapy are the patients.

Real Life Questions, Real World Answers

A radiologic technologist and university professor answers real-life questions about the field. It’s a free-wheeling seminar that helps students understand what it’s like to be a working R.T. What type of person would succeed in this career? Is the work dangerous? What do you study in school? The answers may surprise you.

The opening sequence for the Radcademy videos was shot in the ASRT Museum and Archives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The museum tells the history of the radiologic technology profession.

  • ASRT Museum and Archives in Albuquerque, New Mexico / © ASRT
    ASRT Museum and Archives in Albuquerque, New Mexico / © ASRT